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Yorkshire’s Business Quarter meets MD Dean Towers

Posted in News on Jan 03, 2017

A great article and a fascinating insight into Leeds' BCS Electrics, Managing Director, Dean Towers.

Learn more about Dean’s start from a 17 year old apprentice to being in charge of this 70 year old, Leeds electrical contractors. How he got to where he is now, what makes him tick and his plans for the future.

“I think when you are a young lad it is all about what is cool – and for me that was messing about with cars. But I sat and considered it and looked at how well the construction industry was doing and thought I would be better off linked with that, because my granddad had brought my mam and her sisters up and had a happy life and was doing quite nicely.

“When I started it I found it really interesting and knew it was something I could stick to.” 

Dean Towers, MD, BCS Electrics

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