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Why the proposed Leeds’ developments are a chance for the city’s electrical contractors to shine

Posted in Leeds blogs on Mar 04, 2019

With ever increasing smart technology in our homes and workspaces, it is surely the coming of age for the electrical contractor, the commercial electrician, or the ‘smart sparky;’ in fact, for any competent provider of electrical services to ensure they deliver on the safety and wellbeing of a building’s occupants.

As with many major conurbations across the UK, Leeds’ developments are booming; the city’s skyline is about to be changed forever, with exciting plans at this very moment being discussed with the council, including the £200 million proposal for 1,000 apartments and town houses on South Bank.  This project alone will double the size of Leeds city centre; and will, of course, present massive challenges as well as opportunities for electrical contractors working across such schemes.

Experienced electrical contractors required

While seven decades ago, we would have run cables around buildings, wired in the boiler, electric cooker and installed a few extraction fans, these days our electrical contractors have far higher expectations placed upon them: such as installing smart technology to control heating, MVHR, lighting and electronic cyber-security, that can be managed by smart phone apps or other Internet-connected devices.  

The exceptionally high standard of hotels, student flats and office accommodation also under construction around the city mean the Leeds’ development are ensuring that companies such as ours will remain in demand for decades to come.  On top of our 70 plus years in the industry, our highly trained and experienced electrical contractors are continuing – literally - to give Leeds the chance to shine.

Electrical contractors can help shine a positive light on Leeds

We are conscious that, if Leeds is to shine in a positive light, we need to take a holistic approach to buildings’ electrical requirements; whether it is for a new-build development where we consider a project’s need and function from the very outset to completion – or regeneration. Many of the Leeds developments involve refurbishment of heritage, listed and older housing stock or commercial buildings – here our electrical contractors are able to update existing electrical services to meet modern demands; such as installing underfloor heating or data cabling and smart building management systems.  

Indeed, The Building Internet of Things (BIoT) is advancing a new breed of smart properties that are better aligned with the priorities of building owners and managers.  BIoT enables operational systems that deliver more accurate and useful information for improving operations and providing the best experiences for occupants – this is attainable, even for the oldest of buildings, as our electrical contractors can advise.

The commercial electrician also often has to consider security lighting, fire-detection and even the effect of ambient lighting on workers’ mental health and productivity.  At BCS Electrics, our electrical contractors and apprentices pride themselves on keeping up to date with the latest technological developments through continual training and professional development. 

However, it’s not just our commitment to Leeds’ developments that makes BCS Electrics stand out from the crowd: we offer a 24/7 repair and maintenance service, as well as a thermographic imaging capability to assess and identify potential electrical hazards. We’re committed to seeing the many planned Leeds developments become a beacon of quality and technical innovation across the North. 

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