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Why the humble PAT test is a path to greater energy efficiency

Posted in News on Jun 18, 2018

BCS Electrics has always offered PAT testing in Leeds and surrounding areas. It’s an important safety element but, as with all our electrical services, we look for ways to add value to our clients. In this blog, we’ll talk about why booking a PAT test is an opportunity to double check the overall electrical health of a building.

Sparking up a conversation over a PAT test

As a local electrical contractor, building trust and confidence with our clients is central to adding value to their relationship with us. A PAT test may be a mandatory, tick box exercise to check the safety of your electrical products but it’s also a chance to raise potential concerns or questions with your electrical contractor about other electrical aspects of the building. Areas to talk to your electrical contractor about include fire alarm testing and maintenance, emergency lighting installations or a query about improving the energy efficiency of the building.

Using our experience to keep you and your employees safe

PAT testing in large commercial buildings involves a lot of walking around, going into rooms that might not be in common use and seeing almost-forgotten spaces. It’s a chance to get a feel for the overall electrical health of the building, spot potential issues and identify ways to help our clients save money through smarter energy efficient products. Our team of local electrical contractors is trained to spot and recognise potential issues, a skill employed during routine jobs when PAT testing in Leeds and surrounding areas, and one which is a key part of keeping employees safe and workspaces switched on and powered up.

Book at PAT test with us and discover how we add value to our clients.