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Time off from the tools

Posted in News on Sep 19, 2017

We recently held another team day out from our office in Leeds, this time with a few of our associates and family members to make it even more memorable.

A day full of outdoor activities, set in the heart of the beautiful grounds of Hazlewood Castle. The BCS Electrics team spent the day quad biking, air rifle shooting and finished with paint balling (all-out war!), with the help and expertise of Live For Today - ‘adrenaline fuelled activities’ indeed!

Among our brave crew, Master Towers (mini Dean, son of our MD) Mason, held his own throughout. Mason took great pride in ‘taking out’ a few adults, particularly Dad.

The highlight and most humorous activity was the Stag Run. Selecting two from BCS Electrics, Jack from the office and Josh from the tools, to take on extra action. All for the good of the company. Our 'victims' proved to be heroes of the day, dodging paint balls as they crisscrossed a stretch of game area without a gun, while the rest of the guys took shots at them.

Top work boys and thanks to all at Hazlewood Castle and Live For Today for organising such a brilliant day.