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How electrical contractors can improve office wellbeing

Posted in News on Jun 26, 2018

Achieving an environment that fosters productivity and efficiency, and supports high moral and the wellbeing of workers is a tricky task. Whilst you may not directly associate electrical contractors with the happiness of your employees, our electrical services have made a great difference to the overall performance of companies all across Yorkshire and the Humber for the past 70 years. Here, we share what we’ve learned about the practical side of improving office wellbeing.

Shining a light on employee wellbeing 

Many of the physical elements of a building are responsible for how we feel inside that space, from inadequate lighting to poor temperature control. Awareness over the need for intelligent lighting has grown in the last several years, after several studies revealed that poor lighting can affect the concentration and positivity of employees as well as cause headaches and fatigue. Spurred on by research from the World Green Building Council which showed better encouraged better work rates by up to 23%, companies began to adopt smarter lighting options like LED and Halogen bulbs which offered blue-white lighting which imitates natural daylight. As our bodies react to natural light changes through the day this change results in fewer workers feeling tired as the day goes on.

When we provide electrical contractor support we look at each space and how it’s used to determine the optimal light fitting that’s in line with the HSE guidelines. This extends to the exterior areas of the building such as walkways and car parks ensure employees feel safe during dark nights and late finishes. We take a similar approach to emergency lighting, ensuring that all staff have a clear and well-lit exit route.

Repairs, refurbishments and maintenance, oh my!

How often have you been in a building with a dodgy flickering light? A switch that doesn’t work? Frustrating cable locations, or sockets that don’t work? Reporting and remedying these outages and annoyances can be time consuming and inconvenient. But they all contribute of the overall wellbeing of employees. Part of the reason we’re trusted as local electrical contractors is our understanding of the importance of getting issues fixed quickly and efficiently. The advent of smart buildings and interconnectivity is changing how buildings operate and function day-to-day. Staying up to speed with these changes and providing a commercial electrical contracting service that meets evolving needs – including a positive employee space – is vital for a company such as ours.

We recognise that the wellbeing of workers is too important to ignore. To get make the most from your business and provide a productive environment for all employees, request a consultation or ask about our O&M service packages.