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How electrical contractors can add value to your refurbishment project

Posted on Apr 27, 2018

Refurbishment projects can often be fraught with extra challenges over a new build situation. Downtime of vital services like internet, displacement of staff, tight budgets and timescales contribute to a highly pressured venture. It’s something we, at BCS, have had first hand experience of on more than one occasion which is why we think it’s important to educate people on the reality of the role of an electrical contractor.

But, to do that effectively, we need to ask one big question:

What does an electrical contractor do?

From a very basic perspective, if it’s got a cable and needs a power supply we install, maintain and fix it. However, it’s that simplistic perception that hides the value and the reality of what we do, which is to offer valuable expertise, support and advice on subjects including minimising energy bills, more productive work environments and future power requirements

Our role is as much about building trust and transparency with clients as it is about doing the actual electrical work. Only by creating this strong working relationship can we help customers through challenges, take away stress and get the project completed to everyone’s satisfaction.

Delivering this kind of service requires more than electrical competency; it involves taking a rounded approach to every facet of our business – from high health and safety standards and practice, to being active in the wider electrical community like the ECA and NICEIC, and being up to speed with latest electrical amendments and best practice.

How to get value from your electrical contractor

First, do your research on the company you want to hire. Are they local, have they published case studies on their website similar to your project? Are they registered with the correct organisations? Stalk their social channels – is their feed professional, helpful and knowledgeable?

Right at the start of a project it’s important that expectations are set out – on both sides – and a process put in place for any unexpected occurrences that crop up. Similarly, a good electrical contractor should be adept at working alongside and in harmony with other trades on a site contributing to the smooth running and timely completion of works.

If there’s a maintenance element to any newly installed works then make sure they’re serviced and checked in accordance with guidelines – this isn’t a ploy to keep us coming back for extra work, but a serious aspect of reducing fire risk, keeping a building safe and avoiding catastrophic failures that could lead to extended down time. At BCS Electrics, if we installed it, we like to maintain it – not only do we know it’s been tested and checked to the highest standards, regular visits foster that stronger working relationship we mentioned at the start of this article and that can lead to more pro-active steps taken to keep systems working safely.

If you think we can add value to your upcoming refurbishment project and want to speak to a local electrical contractor with a hard-earned great reputation call or email us with the details of what you need.