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How electrical contractors can add value in the era of smart buildings

Posted in News on Apr 17, 2018

Smart buildings, the IoT and energy supplies are all impacting the way buildings are managed. As innovation and investment in the technology within our workspaces continues to progress it’s vital for electrical contractors to be proactive in anticipating and delivering services. In the latest in our series on how electrical contractors can add value to clients, we explore how the digital future will affect the electrical construction of commercial spaces.

The Leeds tech scene is thriving as is construction, with new hotels, office accommodation and student developments on the rise. As local electrical contractors, it’s amazing to see such positivity and inward investment in the city we’ve called home for over 70 years. But with this increased technology and functionality within our buildings comes a shift in requirements and mindset on how best to look after the electrical needs of a building.

Probably the biggest development is the IoT, or Internet of Things; controlling heating, lighting and even appliances through apps and web-connected devices. As our services and utilities become ever more connected managing them, in theory, should be simpler. For commercial electrical contractors, this development means anticipating what power and hardware is needed at the construction stage.

In the same way electrical installation work evolved from traditional wiring to ethernet and data cables, supporting the IoT and a connected building is yet another stage in the electrical contractor’s evolution. From now and through the next 5, 10 or 15 years we will be installing electrical components that could ‘talk’ to one another and possibly even influence each other as standard in new buildings.

You could say being based in the tech-hub of Leeds, BCS Electrics has somewhat of an advantage here. Not only are our clients at the forefront of adopting this technology, they’re also lighting the way (pun intended!) on the benefits and opportunities for businesses using smart technology.

As our connected future advances, early stage inclusion of commercial electrical contractors on construction projects will become even more important as will a contractor’s investment in training and upskilling staff on changing installations and maintenance. For us, this is an area where we know we can add value to clients; adapting and being prepared for change is an integral part of our business, one which our commercial electricians know when the join our team so our apprentices through to our experienced pros can always provide the right information and advice.

The goal of smart buildings and the IoT is to make our lives easier and our interior environments more comfortable but that will only work if they’re installed and maintained correctly and the responsibility for that lies with us – your friendly local commercial electrical contractors!

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