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Five ways electrical contractors add value to facilities managers

Posted in News on Sep 03, 2018

As a facilities manager, keeping your buildings running is key. Practical tasks take up a lot of time, which could be spent more usefully in logistical planning and budgeting for the future. But a good electrical contractor will give you peace of mind that the electrics, at least, are taken care of. Here are five key ways you can get the most value out of your electrical contractor:

1. Quality matters when hiring an electrical contractor

Good quality electrical work done by electrical contractors is a load off the mind of any facilities manager, as they know the work can be trusted and will last. Make sure you find a good electrical contractor who knows their trade and does it well. Look out for a contractor with excellent reviews and testimonials, and ask them about their work before you put them on your approved supplier list. Their attention to detail in planning and undertaking the job, and their their openness and communication with you as their client can also tell you a lot about the quality of their work.

2. Electrical contractors can help minimise disruption

Look for an electrical contractor which is not tied down to a 9-5 schedule. Contractors who can come in at weekends, overnight, or at other low-usage times will help to minimise any disruption to your company. That means the company saves money as employees aren’t left without computers etc. when they need them - and you won’t get any angry emails asking why the lights aren’t working!

3. Electrical contractors can offer facilities managers good value for money 

Some electrical contractors offer services specifically to ease the burden of facilities managers. To avoid surprise fees, look out for one which offers a set services package which includes an ‘electrical MOT’ for your buildings - a once-a-year servicing for the electrical systems will leave you safe in the knowledge that everything has been checked and fixed ready for the year ahead.

It will also save you time and money and make your budgeting easier, as the contractors won’t have to keep coming back for little jobs again and again, bringing with them disruption and expensive call-out charges.

4. An electrical contractor can help facilities managers with compliance 

Building regulations change all the time and, as a facilities manager, it can be hard to keep on top of them all across the different areas under your care. Don’t be afraid to question your electrical contractor about their work; they should know exactly what the regulations demand, and how they will fulfil them for you.

5. Hiring an electrical contractor can save facilities managers valuable time

Time is always a big issue for facilities managers, so contractors which can work to tight or specific deadlines are always worth investing in. An electrical contractor who understands the pressures of keeping companies functional while work goes on will make life easier for you, ensuring that the company is disrupted as little as possible and work is finished on time. The ‘electrical MOT’ packages mentioned in point 3 can help here too, as getting everything sorted in one go saves time in the long run.

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