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Education must do better to attract trade apprentices

Posted in News on Jun 13, 2016

BCS Electrics recently featured in an article in the North West Business Insider, highlighting education’s perception of apprenticeships. As an option for school leavers, business leaders are concerned there is still a long way to go to gain the support from those in schools and colleges.

To read the full article, please click here. BCS Electrics Managing Director, Dean Towers, comments below:

Dean Towers, who recently completed a management buyout of his Leeds electrical installation and maintenance company BCS, wants to grow the business further but has difficulty persuading youngsters to choose a career in construction. “The big issue in construction is that we aren’t getting apprentices. They all want to go to university, wear suits and do creative stuff,” he says. “We go into schools and find they aren’t giving the kids enough information.They want them to stay at school until they are 18. The kids tell us they are told to stay in education. We say ‘no you don’t, because if you come to us you are still in education because you are going to college, but you are earning as well’.

“At one school recently a lad asked how much he would get working for us. I said £4.He said ‘what every week?’ I said, no every hour. He said ‘can I start now? And I had a queue of 14-year-olds kids wanting to sign up. When we looked around the room though it was full of representatives from universities or further training academies. And one of the teachers actually said they don’t want the pupils going into construction because it is dangerous. That’s what we are up against.”

On a positive note, next month we look at two of our most recent recruits and their stories behind working with one of Leeds most established electrical contractors.