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BCS Electrics on ‘Making Apprenticeships More Appealing’

Posted in News on May 19, 2016

Dean Towers, MD of BCS Electrics, Leeds spoke about his concerns for apprentices in the recent edition of Professional Electrician & Installer.

Dean gave his views on the Government’s plans to create £3 million new apprenticeships by 2020, what it means to the construction industry and the electrical profession in general. The view of the Government and the perception of trade apprenticeships are far from close.

“The electrical sector has to take more of a stand and step forward to educate and promote apprenticeships as a valid and positive option, not the last resort for those for whom university isn’t an option.”

The article opens with …

‘Dean Towers from BCS Electrics, which has trained over 100 apprentices, looks at how to make electrical apprenticeships more appealing.

The Government recently announced an ambitious plan to create three million new apprenticeships by 2020, but with little focus on the construction industry and continuing misconceptions about this career option how will the electrical sector fare? If we read the latest Government news and general statistics we’re led to believe that the current appetite for apprenticeships is voracious, with young people falling over themselves to get taken on as an apprentice. But what this rosy picture fails to highlight is that the general construction sector – once the stronghold of apprenticeships – is struggling to recruit and keep apprentices, and the effects are causing waves in niche sectors such as electrical contracting and related services ….’

An interesting interview and a topic we will be watching closely. Please read Dean’s full contribution to the debate here – Professional Electrician & Installer