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Managing fire risk in Ilkley new build development

Industry knowledge, and consistent and clear communication keeps work on track at Ilkley residential housing development.

Our reputation for knowledge and building lasting and strong working relationships with clients prompted Dobson Construction to turn to us again to provide electrical contracting services for their latest development of four storey townhouses in Ilkley. 

Nick Dobson, MD of Dobson Construction had to be certain that any electrical contractor working on the nine properties had sound understanding of the newest fire regulations, an approach focused on problem solving and could communicate regularly and effectively both on and offsite. 

Confidence in our industry knowledge

After Grenfell the Government instigated an independent review of the building regs and fire safety, whilst there’s been no official changes to Approved Document B as yet, some changes have been stipulated, including specifics regarding sprinkler systems.

The sprinklers now have to be installed by a mechanical company, and then wired in by the electrical contractor - in this case - us. It means the sprinkler systems in this project are connected to the fire alarms, the smoke detectors, and also the burglar alarms, so if the sprinklers go off, the alarms do too.

Nick said: “We rely fully on BCS to deal with the new regulations, it’s something I put completely in their hands and I trust them to follow through. Their expertise and knowledge on the new regulations was thorough and we have full confidence in their ability to implement them in our housing development.”

Keeping clients in the know

One of the common frustrations we often hear about electrical contracting companies is the lack of communication both onsite and off. We don’t want to be that company, as Nick realised during the scope of this two-phase project when working alongside contracts manager, Jack. 

“Jack is always on the ball and very hands on with the project. He always ensures that I’m in the know about workers on site. If, for some reason, the workers aren’t on site or there are any changes, Jack always informs me beforehand so there’s no unwelcome surprises or unexpected delays - unlike other contractors who sometimes don’t do this and give no reasoning for why workers aren’t there.

“The key is communication which is something that they get right consistently and are always helpful, even down to onsite workers.”

Jack echoed this sentiment, adding: “We worked closely with everyone on site, adapting to changing plans as efficiently and quickly as possible to minimise downtime and tailoring designs to meet Dobson’s objectives to deliver a system and development that both we at BCS Electrics and Dobson are proud to be involved with.”